Blockchain support for “direct to consumer” organic food.

We are proud to introduce the first ever direct to consumer organic food project to be funded by a cryptocurrency token.

We are launching DONUTCOIN to support the production and distribution of organic donuts in the continental US.

DONUTCOIN is an Ethereum blockchain token, backed by a real product via direct redemption. These donuts are already in national distribution via


The creation of an alternative system for the promotion, sale, capitalization, and distribution of organic food and regenerative agriculture products in the US, via the blockchain technology, will allow food producers, token holders, and the DONUTCOIN business development team to participate in the development of a new digital economy, for profit.

Raise 300 ETH for financing the IT development work, ongoing blockchain and website support and maintenance, marketing budget, corporate administration, legal fees, and pre-positioning of inventory, production, and distribution costs for redemption of coins.

Begin test redemption of Donuts for ETH immediately! Incorporate automated web based exchange transactions via DONUTCOIN website, integrate with Perfect Harmony Co. for distribution and fulfillment.

Development of the distribution and shipping infrastructure to on-board additional organic and regenerative farming producers, to increase the impact and participant appeal of the token release.

Integration of partners – including marketing, distribution, and access to crypto-capital opportunities to appropriate producer partners nationwide.


The role of blockchain technology (ERC20) is instrumental to the realization of the DONUTCOIN project.

Braid was approached to be the technical team both for their understanding of the economic principles underlying the goals of DONUTCOIN, as well as their embracing of the ERC20 blockchain as a stable and well understood technology capable of providing appropriate smart contracts for what is, in effect, a simple promise of goods to be delivered upon redemption of the token.

Long Term Vision

DONUTCOIN should be the first of many crypto tokens following a pattern of direct redemption of high integrity goods via ERC20 smart contracts. By connecting the value of the token to familiar, desirable, edible goods, the value of these tokens will form a stable base of value. DONUTCOIN should be the first of many crypto tokens following a pattern of direct redemption of high integrity goods via ERC20 smart contracts.

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DONUTCOIN is a unique opportunity to do good while doing well.

LThe token’s primary value is derived by marrying the strength of a pegged currency, the social value of organic and regenerative food production, and proven cryptocurrency technology to access capital via true consensus crowdfunding and investment. DONUTCOIN is a project with several synergistic components, any one of which would be compelling as the basis of a successful token release.

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Buy Carpe Donut with ETH

Help us test our redemption model today. Send $45 worth of ETH to the address below, and try the donuts for yourself.
Shipped to your door in the continental US via UPS overnight.

Address 0x5e7b3FFF8Aee2637c4349339a06524d6BdA279bf

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