The role of blockchain in the project

The role of blockchain technology (ERC20) is instrumental to the realization of the DONUTCOIN project. Braid was approached to be the technical team both for their understanding of the economic principles underlying the goals of DONUTCOIN, as well as their embracing of the ERC20 blockchain as a stable and well understood technology capable of providing appropriate smart contracts for what is, in effect, a simple promise of goods to be delivered upon redemption of the token. After initial funding has been secured, the Braid team has estimated that 2-4 months will be required, employing 2 full time coders, to produce our blockchain, develop the company website both for token exchange (back end) and provide a clean marketing and promotion website. The cost estimate of $60,000-80,000 also provides for ongoing maintenance of the release through the ICO phase, and development of an interface to provide secure data for product fulfillment upon redemption of the tokens. While the redemption of the tokens seems simple, navigating the privacy concerns, through embedding delivery data into the blockchain, to only be decrypted at the point of redemption by the issuing agent, is a significant challenge, and will be a primary goal for the development team.

Stages of Project Implementation

First stage
1) Fundraising, define participants, development of corporate structure.
2) IT development for crypto coin release.
3) Pre-positioning of assets for token redemption.
4) Legal structure and documentation, file LLC.

Second Stage
1) Pre ICO Token sales (secondary investment).
2) Marketing implementation
3) Pre-position additional organic producers

Third Stage
1) ICO
2) Demonstrate token redemption cycle, cash reserve system.
3) Follow up initial with alternate organic food tokens
4) Organic food crypto exchange