We are proud to introduce the first ever direct to consumer organic food project to be funded by a cryptocurrency token. We are launching DONUTCOIN to support the production and distribution of organic donuts in the continental US. DONUTCOIN is an Ethereum blockchain derivative backed by a real product via direct redemption. These donuts are already in national distribution via

By proving this model of capital access, token redemption, and market distribution for Carpe Donut, we can then easily replicate the process for similar producers. We will then bring additional organic food and regenerative farming products into a direct redemption cycle via related crypto-tokens.

This plan entails entering the cryptocurrency market and offering concurrent buy back. We will offer a stable asset to interested buyers, using the existing cryptocurrency model to access capital markets and provide crowdfunding capacity. DONUTCOIN will offer several unique advantages and features in entering the crowded market space of crypto derivatives. It is, at time of proposal, the only cryptocoin offering to be directly redeemable for material goods by its issuing entity. This has the potential to give DONUTCOIN the stability and trust factors traditionally associated with “hard” currency” backed by tangible assets, such as gold or silver. (Ref: Sandcoin)

Often, the greatest hurdle facing a new crypto offering is raising public awareness to attract participants. The irony of a digital, hard crypto offering on the Ethereum blockchain, being connected to a soft, emotionally resonant food like a donut, represents an opportunity catch the public’s eye, and can lead to early adoption (ref: Coinye, Dogecoin). Humor is surprisingly valuable in marketing in the crypto and ICO arena.


1) Raise $290,000 for financing the IT development work, ongoing blockchain and website support and maintenance, marketing budget, corporate administration, legal fees, and pre-positioning of inventory, production, and distribution costs for redemption of coins.
2) Incorporate automated web based exchange transactions via website, integrate with Perfect Harmony Co. for distribution and fulfillment.
3) Development of the distribution and shipping infrastructure to on-board additional organic and regenerative farming producers, to increase the impact and investor appeal of the ICO.
4) Integration of partners – including marketing these distribution and access to capital opportunities to appropriate producer partners nationwide.

The creation of an alternative system for the promotion, sale, capitalization, and distribution of organic food and regenerative agriculture products in the US, via the blockchain technology, will allow food producers, token holders, and the DONUTCOIN business development team to participate in the development of a new digital economy, for profit.


Carpe Donut LLC is the production and redemption partner, offering to back the issuance of the DONUTCOIN token. Carpe Donut has been a stable and profitable producer of organic food products for over 10 years. Carpe Donut has worked closely with many other organic and regenerative food producers, and has excellent relationships in these communities locally and regionally. Jointly we have made efforts addressing issues of marketing, distribution, and capital access.

Carpe Donut and its distribution partner, Perfect Harmony, has recently demonstrated capacity to ship product overnight, on demand, using as our sales portal. Production capacity for this product has been demonstrated to exceed 100,000 donuts (4,167 shipping units) per month. This rate should be more than adequate to meet any reasonable rate of redemption of tokens, and can be easily expanded should adoption and redemption exceed initial estimates.

Many of the early adopters of digital currency and the crypto capital markets also recognize and are frustrated by the limited opportunities and access for organic food producers and regenerative farmers. The extent of this overlap in many ways defines the size of the initial market opportunity.